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Monday, October 26, 2009

Travel TIps: Postcard Patter

Postcards are often a beautiful reminder of where you have been as well as a way of telling others where you are. When you send them out to others save one for yourself--especially if the weather hasn't cooperated when you wanted to take pictures.

In some tourist areas, you will find booklets or packages of postcards for a good price. Buy a pack of cards and take them home to use as thank you cards, quick hellos to friends, etc. You'll save on postage over sending a regular card.

Before you leave for your destination, print out a sheet of small address labels with all the addresses of those you will send cards to while away. It saves time when you are writing cards. Just stick on the label and the stamp and send. Remember to add the name of the recipient's country when you are traveling abroad.

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