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Friday, October 01, 2010

Books For The Road - Wonders Never Cease

A couple of weeks ago at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference author Tim Downs was our keynote speaker. The publishing house (Thomas Nelson) of his latest book, Wonders Never Cease, was gracious enough to give each of us at dinner that evening a copy of the new book. I was intrigued since I'd never read anything of his and I truly enjoyed his two presentations. I dove in.

Wonders Never Cease is the story of Kemp McAvoy who concocts a get-rich-quick scheme that involves manipulating the meds of movie star Olivia Hayden who is about to receive a visit from an "angel." Of course the experience is book material and the book is a runaway best seller before it even hits the bookstores thanks to Oprah. It has all the makings of a successful venture except for a little girl who sees real angels and a real angel who messes with the scheme of things.

The story is cleverly written and while quite sensitive in some spots, elicits smiles and chuckles in others. I loved the premise: You can't really believe in something unless you want to or allow yourself to believe. It is a light read that is entertaining, amusing, and leaves you satisfied.

Downs also writes a series of thrillers, the bug man novels, about a forensic entemologist who solves crimes by studying the bugs involved in the crime scene. I'm looking forward to some more good reading from him. Love discovering a new-to-me author!

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