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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Worship Thoughts - GEMs

Yesterday I spoke at a ladies retreat and spoke about being like jewels in a crown (Zechariah 9:16). In the afternoon, as I talked about GEMs, I used power point slides that had a picture of a diamond on each slide. One of the retreat ladies needed to leave the room as she was dealing with a cough that wouldn't stop. When she got out in the hall, one of the cleaning staff from the facility we were in asked her what we were about. She explained that it was a Christian ladies retreat and told a little about what that meant. The staff member was surprised. She'd seen the diamond on the slides and thought we might be selling jewelry.

While we smiled later at the mistaken impression the woman had had, we rejoiced in the opportunity that our retreat lady was able to share a little of Jesus with her. Sometimes the more important things happen outside of our worship circle.

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