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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Worship Thought - What Do You See?

It is always amazing to me to get back to the dive boat after a dive and listen to the reports of other divers about what they saw. Some only see the larger fish like sharks, rays, tarpons, etc. Some report all sorts of crustaceans--lobsters, crabs, etc. Others see the tiniest inhabitants of the reef like arrow crabs, pederson shrimp, tube worms, juvenile drum fish, etc.

Of course there are also those who like to fabricate stories as well not unlike a good fisherman. "Did you see that hammerhead?" or "How about that whale shark?" As my husband says, if you don't have a picture of it, it didn't appear.

There are times though, a diver will come up and say they didn't see anything. Huh? I was on the same dive and the area we covered was the same--you don't wander terribly far from the dive boat. There was tons of marine life, corals both hard and soft, sponges of all colors and shapes and sizes, landscapes that were dramatic and unusual. . .I could go on. It's all in what you look for.

It's not too different from what we see in life. If we look for only the things we want to see, if we search constantly for the elusive, and if we overlook all the beauty that surrounds us only because it may not be what we think we want or need, we miss out on a lot of the good things of life--the things God has given that enrich our lives. If you get to that place in heaven and God asks you, "So, what did you see?" what will you report?

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