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Friday, January 07, 2011

Books for the Road - Six Geese A-Slaying

In my quest to read some holiday related books this past Christmas season, I came upon Donna Andrews' novel, Six Geese A-Slaying. It is a comedy-of-errors type story mixed with a murder mystery. Meg Langslow in the middle of trying to organize a Christmas Parade with a 12 Days of Christmas theme finds Santa murdered, a holly stake through his heart.

The most likely suspects are the members of a save-the-birds society who are dressed like geese for the parade. But never fear, as the confusion mounts, the number of suspects grows and the plot thickens as it turns out "Santa" wasn't such a jolly ole elf.

I can relate to Meg's situation as I remember being in charge of several large activities in the past and experiencing the last minute panic of changes and kinks thrown into the best laid plan. She manages well with tongue-in-cheek humor and a little sleuthing on her own. It all comes down to quite a few smiles and an intriguing mystery with a good resolution.

Put it down on your list for a little light holiday reading at the end of the year.

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