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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dubai to Southampton to New York - It's a Cruise!

For a long time now, Bob has wanted to visit Dubai. Me, not so much. But I never turn down a cruise. Yesterday, he handed me a list of the things he'd like to see and do in Dubai for our three night stay before the cruise.

"As long as I don't have to get on a camel," I said, "I'm good."

Bob's list included the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. It is 2,716.5 feet tall and over 160 stories. When you visit however, you only get to the 124th floor where the observation deck is. That's high enough for me. The At The Top Experience is truly something to read about and sounds almost Disney-ish as you travel from the mall to the base of the building and the high speed elevator that takes you up.

Next is the Mall of the Emirates where there is indoor skiing as well as amusement rides, a large cinema and a theater of the arts. Oh, and I can shop too--window shop, I'm guessing.

Of course shopping continues at the Souks of Dubai--gold, spices and textiles--and to get there, an abra (water taxi). Hmmm. From the pictures of this, I may want my own life jacket.

Moving down his list, I fine something a bit more elegant--afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab hotel's Skyview Lounge. We've heard good things about this from friends we met on our last cruise. And it's a chance to visit this uniquely designed hotel that looks like a giant sail.

Aha! And now it gets more interesting. The last of his list includes a dinner cruise on the Dubai Creek (which is larger than it sounds). The description on the website says it's a romantic way to see the city, that's if you take your eyes off the belly dancers, I guess. The same company offers a city tour and a Desert Safari. Does that last one include a camel? I'm not getting on a camel.

So after describing our Dubai stay and the cruise through the Suez and transatlantic to NYC to our son, his comment was, "So, you're close to the terrorists, passing by the Somalian pirates, and then crossing the Atlantic on the iceberg laden path of the Titanic. Is your will up to date?"

Maybe riding a camel is not so much to worry about.

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