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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Port of Call - Santa Cruz Huatulco, Mexico

The description "a sleepy little Mexican town" is an oxymoron. While Santa Cruz Huatulco may have once been that, it is no longer. We went ashore to explore the little seaside semi-resort area that we once remembered as one main street lined with quaint Mexican storefronts that resembled a Hollywood movie set. Behind the facades were buildings that were hastily constructed all to create a port town for cruise ships and begin development of the area as a resort destination similar to Cancun on the other coast.

Now twelve years later, there were four times as many main streets, lots of restaurants, an open air chapel, scads of umbrella covered tables and chairs on the beach and resort type hotels on the hillsides above. And did I mention the hustle and bustle of industrious townsfolk, who I suspect did not all live in town, trying to attract your attention to indulge in their cuisine, or buy their goods, or take a tour, or. . .well, you get the picture.

Still, it was hard not to like this little town no matter what its origins or its hustle. The beautiful beach area was inviting for a day of sand, sea, and sun. And some of the offerings of the restaurants were tempting. We spent the morning walking along the beach and a few of the streets and then sitting down to just people-watch while we enjoyed the warm breeze and fresh air from the sea making us look as though we might be the sleepy part of this little Mexican town.

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