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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Village of Eze - My Top Blog Post

Periodically I check the stats on my blog to see what is bringing the most traffic and other interesting tidbits that Sitemeter and now Blogger give me. Blogger shows me stats on which pages generate the most views and in the past year, my post on the Village of Eze in France just outside of Monte Carlo has generated the most interest.

I'm not surprised. It is a place that is quaint, curious, and of interest historically, not to mention the great view. The post is dated December 1, 2009, but just since May of 2010 when Blogger began making stats available for blogs, there have been 384 page views. Makes me wonder how many there were before that.

Take a peek and see what so many others have been interested in.

Village of Eze

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