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Friday, January 21, 2011

Books For The Road - Deceit

Some books truly need to come with a warning on the cover, "Warning: This book may be hazardous to your work/play/routine schedule. Once reading is begun it will be difficult to close the book until the end of the story." While I know a Brandilyn Collins story is going to give me a good suspenseful ride, this latest book that I picked up to read, Deceit, not only hooked me in the first chapter but totally reeled me into the story. Hard-to-put-down is putting it mildly.

Joanne Weeks’ best friend mysteriously disappeared six years ago and was thought to be dead since her car was found with blood smears in it. Her husband, a prominent citizen and upstanding Christian of the California town of Vonita, remarried, and his second wife dies in a suspicious accident. Joanne, a skip tracer (someone who locates people wanted by the law) by trade, is convinced that Baxter Jackson murdered both his wives. She uses her skills as a skip tracer to find the one person who can tell her the truth. The truth however is tied up in many lies.

Collins' underlying theme here involves the many facets of deceit. Is a white lie acceptable? Does the end justify the means when deceit is used? Are there shades of truth? While the deceit theme is thought provoking, it only enhances the suspenseful story line that keeps you devouring her words and trying to remember to breath.

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