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Friday, December 02, 2011

Books For The Road - Reclaiming Lily

As a Patti Lacy fan, I couldn't wait to read her latest, Reclaiming Lily. My patience was rewarded with yet another great read. Reclaiming Lily is the story of a Chinese doctor, Kai Chang, whose youngest sister was adopted by an American family, the Powells, who feel threatened not only by the arrival of Kai who wants to meet with her sister but also the news of a possible medical problem that could affect their daughter.

The story plays on many levels--the medical problems associated with a genetic disease, a defiant teenager who is rebelling against the fact that she's adopted, an adoptive mother who fears losing her child's affections, and a sister on a mission to heal as well as fulfill her mother's dying wish. All of these mix with the background of Chinese tradition and heritage.

I can relate to several of them. Perhaps that is why I found Lacy's tale so striking. I am an adoptive mom and I know what it's like to have a daughter rebel against her situation. I know what it's like to have your adopted child meet with her biological family. I know the fears that Gloria Powell experienced in the story. I've also been to China and learned a bit about the Cultural Revolution and the culture in which China exists today. It is fascinating and Lacy has done her homework.

I write all of this just to say that you will have a good read and what Lacy has presented in her novel, Reclaiming Lily, is quite on the mark.Share

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