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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Polar Express - The Special Passenger

As the Polar Express (CVSR) pulls away from the North Pole, there is a distant jingle of bells. The lights in our train car shine brightly now and everyone has returned to their seats. We sing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and suddenly the door to our train car opens and there he is himself--the man in the red suit trimmed in white and ho-ho-hoing as he is welcomed with squeals of delight.

Santa makes his way through the car stopping to hear the wishes of all the little ones. As he greets each child, his assistant elf hands him a sleigh bell (after she checks it to be sure it jingles) and soon the whole train car is alive with jingle bells. The car must be full of "believers" since everyone can hear the bells jingle.

Upon Santa's departure, we of course must sing a chorus or two of Jingle Bells. Then it is on to The Funky Chicken, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and other popular requests. Some nights there is a fashion show of pajama ensembles.

Little ones and some big ones begin to fade and eyelids flutter on the ride home. As we pull into the station, coats are gathered, little ones hoisted in arms, and thank yous ring out all around. It's been a great night as always and the memories will last a lifetime.

When the last passenger has left, elves get busy cleaning up the train car for the next night's run.

"Did you see the look on that little one's face when she got the bell?"

"The one in the blue Star Wars PJs really got into the Funky Chicken!"

The memories for the elves will last a lifetime as well.

[Most everyone is familiar with the story of the Polar Express either through the book or the movie. If you aren't, discover its charm this year. Many areas of the country have a Polar Express during the holidays. Check in your area but be sure to book early. It's quite a popular tradition and growing.]

All Aboard The Polar Express!
The Polar Express to the North Pole

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