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Friday, December 30, 2011

What Kind of TV Are You Watching?

TV sets just keep getting bigger and thinner and more techie (is that a word?). The latest need-want-just-gotta-have set is 3D. I refuse to have to wear glasses to watch television--especially when the programming has gotten so bad. 3D glasses would interfer with my multi-tasking. You see, I normally read and/or work on my laptop while I'm sitting with my husband "watching" TV.

I do remember watching it much more intently as a kid. Never missed a Mickey Mouse Club! Bonanza was a must on Sunday nights. And then suddenly Hoss, Adam, and Little Joe were in color! The first color TV sets actually became available on this day in 1953 and sold for $1,175. That would be the equivalent of buying on of those new fangled large screened 3D hi-def TVs today.

So, what's next? Smellivision? There's already been a movie that tried that with scratch and sniff cards. Heaven help us if they produce a TV that actually puts smells into the room. I really wouldn't care to smell the Cartwright's horses in my family room.

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