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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wise Men Still Seek Him

When we buy Christmas cards I like for them to be representative of something to do with Christ's birth. While hearth and home and Santa are a nice part of Christmas it is truly about God's Son. This year the cards I found repeated a theme I seem to have followed over our 43 Christmases together--Wise Men Still Seek Him.

Back when I was creating my own cards, one year I had the three kings on camels silhouetted against green construction paper. Throughout the years, homemade or bought, I think the cards have expressed that theme a dozen times at least. Why, I wonder, do I keep repeating that theme?

This year my cards have the wisemen's message again. But this year I think I know why I keep returning to the theme. It was after Christmas that the Wise Men came. Jesus was about two years old according to the scriptures. The wisemen didn't stop their search for him when they knew he'd been born. They didn't celebrate and then just go on with their lives. They sought him out to honor him and to bring him gifts.

The cards say "Wise Men STILL Seek Him." I guess that is the message I wanted to bring to those I know and love when I sent those cards. Seek Him. Honor Him. Worship--long past Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas

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