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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic Hits Iceberg - 100 years ago today

The seas had been calm. Passengers had indulged in great meals, games, music, dancing, perhaps a little gambling, much reading, and of course for many--mostly in Third Class, speculation of what their new lives in the United States would hold.

We all know the story. It's been told over and over. Blame has been laid at the feet of those in authority for many mistakes in the design, the safety precautions, the last minute decisions, etc.

Books have been written (and are still being written). Movies made (and remade into 3-D). And still, we are fascinated--those of us who cruise a lot perhaps even more. It is a piece of history that will live on because it touched the heartstrings of so many. Lives lost at sea. Families separated by the scramble for lifeboats. The thought that the technology, design, and craftsmanship of such an outstanding human accomplishment could so quickly vanish in the dark cold waters of the north Atlantic.

The ship was not torpedoed. There was no bomb on board that exploded. An iceberg, a large piece of a natural phenomenon was enough to show us that man dare not get too full of himself.

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