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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Antarctica Revisited - Pre-cruise: Iguazu Falls

As part of our pre-cruise tour before setting off for Antarctica, we chose to visit Iguazu Falls which is on the border between Argentina and Brazil. We arrived early in the day and spent it exploring the falls area. Part of our tour was spent walking out on a boardwalk and taking in the view from the top. While it was an interesting perspective, the view in no way compared to the beauty of the falls as seen from below.

Iguazu Falls is actually made up of 200 separate falls that come together in spectacular fashion. There were lots of trails to roam that gave many different views of the falls. Some allowed you to get close to the rushing water and others let you enjoy the immensity of the cascading water falls.

The more adventurous of our expedition elected to go for a ride into the falls area on a small boat. The less adventurous of us watched from above.

Debate raged on about whether the falls should best be viewed from the Argentinian side or the side in Brazil. Since there was a $100 charge for a visa to go into Brazil for a half day trip, we opted to enjoy our Argentinian view.

After a short flight back to Buenos Aires, we spent the evening anticipating our flight to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina where we would board our ship and sail for Antarctica.

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