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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everything's Jumpin' at the Horned Toad Derby

Looking for some excitement this May? You might want to travel out to Coalinga, CA, about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles for the 76th Annual Horned Toad Derby and Festival. How did I hear about it? My kids bought me a book by Peter Greenberg, Don't Go There! On the Lamest Claims to Fame list under Stupid Events is the Horned Toad Derby. But wait! After some research, I don't see his point.

If you go to a list of festivals, it tells of not only the derby but also carnival rides, a big parade, arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, a firemen's water fight, deep pit beef BBQ (whatever that is), a softball tournament, and live entertainment (I'm assuming other than the toads). Now that sounds like a fun community festivity.

I wonder how Greenberg would rate the Mantua Potato Festival? Their big events include potato eating constest: chips, fries, and mashed, a parade, live entertainment, and a potato sack race in a sand pit! I'm assuming people race--not potatoes.

As summer approaches, festival season begins. What goes on in your area?

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