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Monday, April 02, 2012

Books For The Road - A Jack Reacher Trifecta

Ever get hooked on a character or author and just can't let go? I have several times: Sue Grafton, Harlan Coban, Patti Lacy, and Lee Child to name a few. Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is sixteen books--oops seventeen, one just came out this past month. I'm half way through. Over the last travel adventure to Hawaii and Arizona, I read the first three in the series: Killing Floor, Die Trying, and Tripwire.

Child's series is not one that has to be read in order but you do get a better picture of where the Jack Reacher character has come from if you read a couple of the earliest stories. Reacher is kind of a Schwarzenegger/Bond guy--at least in my mind. He's probably Arnold's size but he's got the cunning of 007.

Each of these books is a well written and plotted story that will keep you guessing most of the way through. They are unique as well. Child's plots never seem to follow a theme except that Jack Reacher somehow gets thrown into a situation not of his making but somehow affects him and he has no option but to follow through to the end.

Good reading for that long airplane trip--especially when you've seen the movie they're offering.

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