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Thursday, April 11, 2013

8 Suggested Destinations for an Educational Family Vacation

Actually any destination can be educational. It's all in how you approach it. Even those beach vacations where you expect to just chill out in the sun and surf with a book. Look around you. There's lots to be learned from nature, from the people you meet, and perhaps even that book in your hand.

But some destinations are obvious educational opportunities. Here are just a few.

  1. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Seeped in history and the culture of the 18th century. 
  2. Washington, D.C. Again, you can't escape the history here but there's also a few civic lessons to be learned if you plan ahead and make arrangements with your senators or congressman.
  3. For some science, astrology, and aeronautics, visit NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida or Space Camp at the Space Center Houston.
  4. Many of us live a reasonable distance from a National Park or even a State Park where there are scheduled nature hikes, lectures on flora and fauna and even on the history and folklore of the area. 
  5. Try a Dude Ranch or Be An Indian For A Day and your family can learn about social customs and a different way of life.
  6. Pick your family's favorite sport and visit their Hall of Fame: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, etc.
  7. Why not learn a new skill? At the North House Folk School in Minnesota your family can choose from quite a variety including basketry, photography, woodworking, sailing and so much more. Children must be accompanied by an adult for many of the sessions.
  8. Don't want to travel far from home? Make your educational destination your own town, nearby city, or your state. There's lots of history to be had in every state, museums to visit, trails to be explored. A little surfing on the internet will give you lots of ideas and as I said in my last post, the learning often comes more in the planning.

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