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Friday, April 26, 2013

Emptying The Piggy Bank For Those Baggage Fees

What to pack and how much to take with you on your vacation has added stress to every traveler who is flying to their destination. Why? Baggage fees. They can add up in a hurry and make that airline ticket even more expensive.

Fees are ranging between $20 to $75 for the first bag--that's as long as it's not overweight. Woe to traveler who has heavy shoes or wants to pack War and Peace, the hardback edition, into their suitcase. Overweight bags can cost you up to another $150.

If you need to take two bags, you will most likely pay $20 to $60 for the second one--again, as long as it's not overweight. To add insult to injury there are some airlines charging now for carry on bags as well.

Now all of the above is for travel within the U.S. and Canada. Once you go international and jump either pond, the fees change. Some are better, allowing for more weight and no charge for the first piece of luggage. I guess the planes must be sturdier, yes? [For a comparison chart on the airlines' fees see AirFairWatchdog]

I'm beginning to think that the way to go might be to take just essentials. A few things I can't be sure to get anywhere else like my brand of eye solution for my contacts, my favorite brush, and my most comfy shoes. After that, I figure I could pack clothes for one day and with the $150 to $300 (roundtrip) I'd save on baggage fees, I could find a Walmart, a Target, or something comparable and buy enough clothes to get by for my length of stay. Then, use them on vacation and donate them to charity (which is tax deductible) before my return home.  I could see that being a big savings. Wonder if I could sell the idea to my husband? "Honey, we have to go shopping. . ."

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