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Friday, April 05, 2013

One More Journey of a Lifetime - The Galapagos

While my husband labeled China as the journey of a lifetime (mainly because he knew he couldn't get me to return), there has been at least one other and another that looms on the horizon. Chances are we will not return to Antarctica. For one thing, we could never duplicate the beautiful trip we had and would probably be disappointed. But in several weeks we will be setting out on yet another journey of a lifetime--the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador and our adventure begins in Quito. We will fly there and spend some time seeing the city before flying off to Baltra Island where we will meet representatives from our ship, the Celebrity Xpedition, and transfer to the ship by Zodiac rafts. I remember those from Antarctica! Should be a fun beginning.

From there we will spend eight days cruising around the islands. Each cruise is a little different because they vary the stops so that no one spot is overwhelmed with visitors. The area is protected to preserve the natural environment and is regulated by the Ecuadorian government. But rest assured that we will be seeing quite a variety of animal, bird, and marine life no matter where we stop (here's a link for some pictures). Lucky for us we can take digital photos rather than having to draw sketches of what we see like Darwin did.

As my son put it, "You'll be seeing God's great creations and learning about Darwin's evolution." I'm sure we will be in for quite an education on all the work that Darwin did there. After all, it is historical and has led to much controversy as well as contributed to the study of all that is in nature. But we will view it all with a whisper of praise for a God who is so creative, and thankfulness for the opportunities he's give us to see his magnificent works.

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