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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Road Trips - The Lincoln Highway, Part Two

The Lincoln Highway, the country's first transcontinental highway, stretched from New York City to San Francisco. Today, it is made up of paved highways and instead of bearing the Lincoln name, the sections of it are mostly numbered highways. There are associations in most of the states it crosses and you can find out more information about the route and what you might see along the way through their sites.

In Ohio, the Lincoln Highway enters the state at East Liverpool by State Route 39. It then follows SR 267 to Route 30 into Lisbon. Route 30 seems to be the primary route across the state although is veers off here and there in several places.

There would be lots to see and do just on the Ohio section alone:
Covered bridges in Columbiana County
Pro Football Hall of Fame and McKinley's grave in Stark County
Amish country in Wayne County
Mohican Forest in Ashland County
Malabar Farm in Richland County
Battle of Seccaium Monument, the last battle of the Revolutionary War in Crawford County
The land of the Wyandot Indians in Wyandot County
Sawmills and gristmills in Hancock County
MacDonnell House Victorian Mansion in Lima, Allen County
The Dutch Mill in Van Wert county

Maps of the route through all the states and information of things to see along the way can be found at the links to the states of the Lincoln Highway at the association's site.

Looks like this will be on the bucket list for us--at least the Ohio section. It will be a nice short jaunt sometime this summer.

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