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Friday, June 21, 2013

Books For The Road - The Case For A Creator

The Case For A Creator explores the other side of the debate over how our world all came to be. After seeing the Darwinian side I opted to read Lee Strobel's book. I have to admit I am biased. I believe in a Creator not accidental origin and development but it's nice to hear from experts in the field of science who agree with there being an intelligent designer bringing us into existence.

As in his other The-Case-For books, Strobel uses his background as a journalist to investigate and ask the hard questions. He approaches leading creation theory scientists, many who were Darwinians and atheists or at the very least fence-sitters before they did their research and decided that what composes our world had to have come from an intelligent source who designed and planned it all.

One of the amazing facts I found was that there is three feet of DNA in each cell in our bodies. Imagine! But biology is only one of the areas Strobel explores with the experts. He also delves into cosmology (not cosmetology), astronomy, physics, and biochemistry among other areas that were beyond my reach at times for understanding. A more scientific mind would probably appreciate the depth more than I did. Still, it was affirmation for me that there were minds even greater than mine who accept the Master Designer as the reason we are all here.

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