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Monday, June 24, 2013

Stan Hywet Hall - Not For Us Alone

Much to my surprise it has been thirteen years since I published an article in Over The Back Fence about Stan Hywet Hall. Where did all that time go? We have been back several times to visit since then once during the Christmas season. This time we went in early spring and decided to extend our visit with a Nooks and Cranny Tour which got us into areas on the upper floors not seen in the self-guided tour.

The Seiberling mansion built by the co-founder of Goodyear is amazing. The modern conveniences built into it considering the time frame of the early 1900s are a wonder. As we toured the servants quarters, we were entertained by stories of what went on behind the scenes during the years the Seiberlings occupied the home.

One of the rooms on the upper level was a hospital room. Stark white but comfortably furnished with antiques, the sun shone in through the windows on the corner of the room making it quite a lovely place to be if you needed to recuperate from an illness or deliver a baby.

The gardens are a delight and can be wandered on a garden-only ticket which makes returning to see the variety of flowers that bloom throughout the season a must. And now that we are seniors, we can take advantage of the special Tuesday pricing for our age. (Sometimes it pays to get older.)

Please mosey over to my website and see the article
 posted there that appeared in the magazine. Unfortunately, I couldn't publish the beautiful pictures that went with it and there are no photos allowed inside the mansion so you'll just have to take my word for it, it is worth the price of admission if you are in the Akron area.

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