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Friday, June 28, 2013

Books For The Road - Death Among The Deckchairs

A cruise. A bikini clad body. What next?

All Casey wanted was a relaxing cruise where she could visit with her daughter, the cruise director, but suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a murder at sea. Who would have guessed the beautiful young woman dead in the deckchair next to her had an enemy who would use her love of the sun to end her life? When Max joins Casey, what she thought would be a romantic ending to her cruise becomes an intense search for evidence. Somewhere among all the dermatologists holding a conference on board ship is a killer. Is it the victim’s doctor husband? Or one of his co-workers? And how does the shark expert fit into the puzzle?

That's the teaser on the back of my latest release in the Casey Stengel Mystery series. While In A Pickle, my last release, takes Annie on a cruise on the Queen Mary 2, Death Among The Deckchairs finds Casey on board a fictional cruise ship for this latest mystery
. With 52 cruises under our belts, how could I not write one completely on a cruise ship?

Researching this book was a lot of fun. I first went to my niece who is a chemist to ask if my proposed method of demise for my victim would work. She confirmed that it would and added that she would be keeping an eye on Uncle Bob to make sure he stayed healthy. (Thanks for the confidence, Sue)

Then I needed to know a little more about procedure on a ship when it came to the brig. Did they even have one? I knew that they had a morgue. We'd been on several cruises where someone had passed away and were told what happens at that point. So to answer the brig question, I turned to my friends at the Cruise Critic Forum and sure enough got the answers I needed. 

While I may have taken a few liberties with procedure and chemistry, when you read please keep in mind that it is fiction and not an expose on crime aboard a cruise ship. 

Interested in reading? Here are links to purchase:
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This is a great book for the road--especially if the road leads to a cruise.

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