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Monday, June 17, 2013

Galapagos Journal - Return to Quito

Our flight from Baltra Island to Quito was once again delightful. Even in economy we were treated like first class. Some of the guests left us at the airport to catch flights to other places like Lima, Peru to see Machu Pichu. The rest of us boarded buses for the JW Marriott in the city again.

A shopping excursion was offered when we arrived and Bob went off to find some coffee to bring back. I stayed in the hotel and caught up with these blog posts so that I would not forget all the wonderful things we saw and did.
Celebrity Cruise Line provided a room for a final dinner complete with a multi-talented musician. We ate as early as possible so that we could go to bed before nine. We needed to be up at 2:15 a.m. to be ready for our shuttle to the airport at three.
The shuttle bus was a little smaller than the other buses we had been on and he took a route we hadn’t used before on our sightseeing and trips to and from the airport. We wound our way down a street reminiscent of the crookedest street in San Francisco. There is so much more to Quito than you can see in a day. This would have been a fun ride if we’d have done it in the daylight and been able to see this part of town better.

There are lots more ways to see the Galapagos than on the Xpedition. It was a choice that we were comfortable with. I sat next to a man on the flight to Houston who had been on a large boat with a group of 36 who explored the islands for five days. A little research and you too could find yourself exploring this wonderful area of our world and wondering how Darwin could have missed the Creator there.

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