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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Books For The Road - Grace's Pictures

Grace's Pictures by Cindy Thomson is the story of an Irish immigrant who arrives in New York and struggles to find her way as she seeks a job and way to earn money to be able to bring her mother to America as well. It is rich with the history of the times not the least of which is the introduction of the Brownie camera by Kodak which gets Grace into all sorts of trouble as she photographs some people she shouldn't have.

Thomson gives a great picture of New York during the early 1900s, the immigrants, the police scandals, the organizations that reached out to those seeking a new life,
the newsboys on the corners. It truly is a wonderful step back in time.

I was privileged to read a rough draft in the early stages of the novel and love the way that the author developed her characters further as well as adding a richness to the plot. It was a good read then and it is even a better read now.

Take a trip back in time and tuck this gem into your suitcase or a spot on your ereader as you hit the road or the beach or wherever your summer plans take you.

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