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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In My Backyard - Bullfrog Takedown

Yesterday I posted about the nest-raiding bluejay. But wait! There's more going on in my backyard than thieving. There's also a territorial war of sorts. Or maybe it's just a fight over a girl. I can't tell but it sure gets noisy and vicious.

Our backyard has a pond that we installed when we built the house but further back beyond our property line is a small man made lake. I'm guessing that sometime ago a few bullfrogs saw greener pastures--make that nicer waters--and decided to migrate. Maybe they just wanted a little more privacy. Who knows? They found our pond and took up residence this year and the "neighborhood" in our backyard got a lot noisier.

Every morning and evening you can hear them. I think they croak throughout the day but we are usually too busy with our own indoor noise to hear them. We have enjoyed watching them grow and hop from lily pad to lily pad.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to capture a good picture and was aiming my camera through the kitchen window at them. There were three I could see. Suddenly one of the frogs hopped like the video Frogger game all the way across the pond and proceeded to wrestle with the other frog there. It looked pretty aggressive and I was relatively sure these were two males but I went online to check out that behavior. Yup, they were fighting over territory and I'm guessing for the hand of the lovely green maiden still on the other side watching of the pond.

Who needs TV?

The faceoff

The takedown

The victor!

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