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Monday, July 22, 2013

In My Backyard - Jay Raids Wren Nest

This summer has been a long stretch without any major travel planned but that doesn't mean we've grown bored. To the contrary, we have had a wealth of entertainment and drama in our backyard. It seems the birds have found every nook and cranny around our house to build a nest. The wrens came back and actually built a nest in our Williamsburg crock that is mounted on a corner of the house by our deck. 

While I don't know where the bluejays nest, I know it isn't in the crock. So when I saw this large male jay with his head inside the crock, I wondered what was going on. I read online that they are known to steal eggs from other birds' nests. Cannibalism no less!

Though small in size, the wrens perched on the shade roof over our deck and took turns dive bombing the jay until he finally gave up and left. Talk about a David and Goliath story. . .

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