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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Books For The Road - As Dog Is My Witness

There is only so much talk radio and hits from the sixties that you can listen to on a road trip. Classical and jazz would be nice if they didn't tend to make the driver sleepy. And when there's no baseball game on, we listen to books. Unfortunately the last time we were on the road for a length of time, I didn't have a book downloaded to my iPhone. 

We stopped for lunch at a Bob Evans and I hopped on their WiFi and used the Overdrive app on my phone to download one from our local library. I had to do a lot of searching before I came up with one that I could borrow right away. Since it didn't require reserving it with a hold, I wondered how good it would be. We lucked out. It was great! And that's the long story behind how we came to find As Dog Is My Witness by Jeffrey Cohen.

The audio book is read by Damon Abdallah who apparently reads the two other books in the Aaron Tucker series, For Whom The Minivan Rolls and A Farewell To Legs. The reader made it fun to listen to and we found ourselves engrossed in a hilarious mystery that kept us hooked on the who-dunnit and laughing at the antics and sense of humor of the main character. 

Cohen is the father of a child with Asperger Syndrome and uses his experience to give the Aaron Tucker character a son with the same condition. In this story, Tucker's son is enlisted to help him figure out how he can help another Asperger kid who is accused of murder. Add to the mix a bit of mafia, some Jewish/Christian sensitivities, an undesired visit from in-laws and a couple of dogs with character and you have a delightful read. Although for this one, I would suggest getting the audio and listening to the story. I'm not so sure you would read into it the same inflections that Abdallah has. 

This one's guaranteed to make the drive much more pleasant and send you looking for more to listen to. I'm off to find For Whom The Minivan Rolls and plan a drive so we can listen to it. 

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