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Monday, August 26, 2013

Books For The Road - Street Lady by Lois D. Carlson

It could happen to anyone. Sudden loss of income. Catastrophic loss of savings, maybe through illness. All of it leading to loss of home and security. Have you ever wondered, what if it happened to me? What if I found myself homeless? Lois D. Carlson takes the what if and turns it into a tender story of survival in Street Lady.

Left destitute by the death of her husband, Ella Martin must find a way to make it on her own. Milton, her deceased spouse, accrued his wealth at the expense of unsuspecting investors and then lost it all amid charges of fraud and deceit. Ella now must cope with the loss of her home, her possessions, most of her devoted friends, and her only son, from whom she has been estranged for several years. Living on the street and having to find a way to survive, she must confront her fears and draw upon her inner resources. Chance encounters along the way bring new hope and unexpected outcomes for her seemingly impossible dilemma.

There is only a little woe-is-me in this story. While Ella may feel sorry for herself at times, Carlson has let Ella's inner strength show through as the story moves along. Not only is Ella helped by others, even one who appears to be a guardian angel, she reaches out to those in her path and extends a helping hand as well. Just for flavor, Carlson has also added a bit of a mystery where Ella's son is concerned and in the end, mother and son have both discovered courage they didn't know they had.

A nice story. Good ending. And a book you might want to pack along for the road.

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