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Thursday, August 01, 2013

What's Zoo?

I'm beautiful and I know it!
For a few years now we have had a membership pass to our local zoo, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. At first we got it because it was a great place to take our grandkids when they came to visit but as they moved away, it wasn't as convenient. We reduced our pass to just the two of us. Why, you ask? Because we love the zoo!

Clemet Zoo is about 20 minutes away from us and so when the weather is nice, we go there to get some exercise. The zoo is a bit spread out so there are plenty of trails to walk on and of course we get to see the animals and flowers along the way.

We also get to reminisce about some of the places we've been. Especially in the Australian section of our zoo. We've actually seen koalas and kangaroos in the wild. They look a tad better in the zoo as they are well cared for.

Ah, finally a cool summer day!

There's always something new. This time there were a few new monkeys in the primate building we hadn't see before--young ones cuddling with mom.

Mom loves me best!
The grizzly bears are still into sibling rivalry. They've grown a lot in the last year. There were four of them at one time when they were just cubs. I believe a couple were sent off to other zoos. While they're not so cute anymore, they are still entertaining as teenagers.

My absolute favorite animals are the merkats. They are such characters! But more on that tomorrow.

Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

My, what a long tongue you have!

Of course the animals aren't the only thing to watch at the zoo. We love to see the kids get excited when they see their favorite animals or watch some of the antics of the zoo critters. Reminds us of our grandkids and makes us wish for another visit with them to our favorite place.

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