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Monday, August 11, 2014

City Tours With A Twist

There is a tour in Cleveland I keep promising myself we are going to do someday. It's an Eliot Ness tour showing the highlights of the city in relation to one of America's great crime fighters who carried a badge instead of wearing a cape. Of course we are home to Superman too. When we travel around the world and stop in a city, we usually take a hop-on hop-off bus if it's available but in some cities there are city tours that introduce you to colorful aspects of the city you may not discover on your own.

While we thought about doing a tour of the Paris sewers, we somehow didn't manage that when we were there. We did however do the Red Light District in Amsterdam (some of it with my eyes covered). Most of the city tours you do on excursions from a cruise ship give the highlights and some historical sights but Smarter Travel.com has come up with a list of 10 Truly Unique City Tours.

The first one that strikes my fancy is the 1960s Summer of Love Tour. It's a trip down memory lane in San Francisco pointing out the important memorable spots for the hippie movement in that city. You ride in a psychedelic bus but it's "joint-free."

London, England has an unusual tour. It's led by someone who actually lives or has lived on the streets. This tour company takes homeless or past homeless folks and trains them as guides. You get the colorful stories of life on the streets and see all the historical points of interest in a whole new light.

The last tour that really piqued my interest is in Toronto, Canada with a professional photographer who not only shows you the sights but helps you set up the pictures and even takes some for you. The tour is a bit prices but comes with 50 professional digital shots for you shortly afterward. It would be nice to take a tour and have someone else snap the pictures for a change.

That's what caught my attention. Check out the article and see what tickles your travel bug.

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