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Monday, August 04, 2014

More Senior Travel Tips-For You Young Un's Too

I've been reading up on some senior travel tips but it seems to me that anyone of any age should heed some of them as well. For example, leave the extra bling at home. Wearing a lot of sparkly jewelry rather it's real or not may be an invitation for someone to meet you around the corner and "request" you hand it over. Same goes for flashing a wad of cash. No!

Wearing appropriate shoes for walking, climbing, beach combing, etc. Save the sexy, well-heeled, or strappy little shoes for a place where you're sitting more than walking. And yes, I've seen the most outrageous shoes on people about to take a hike through a park on dirt and stone paths and stilettos on some who found themselves navigating cobblestones.

Here's one I hadn't though of. Leaving that "Please Clean My Room" sign on your hotel door is an open invitation to anyone who can jimmy a lock quickly. It says the room is empty until the cleaning staff gets to it. Better to leave that message at the desk if necessary on your way out. And by the way, all your electronics, extra cash and other valuables should be in the room safe or in the safe the hotel offers at the desk. And be sure to lock the room safe. Don't ask.

We seniors seem to accumulate medications. I think it's a plan to keep pharmacies in business (just kidding). But people of all ages often have medications albeit maybe a smaller list depending upon their age. Remember to pack enough meds for a couple of extra days. You never know when your flight home might be delayed. Also keep a list of your meds and dosage on your smartphone or tucked in your suitcase should you need to have more for some reason while you're on the road. And never pack them in your checked luggage. Carry them on the plane with you.

"Snow on the roof" doesn't mean we've lost the gray matter beneath it. Travel smart!

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