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Friday, August 22, 2014

My, How Flying Has Changed

As I continue to weed through old files on my computer and reorganize them I'm finding things I started and never finished. Some are vignettes of trips long ago. Here is one I started about a trip to Disney back in 1983 or 1984. Air travel is certainly different today. Do you see the significant change?

            The plane bumped as it taxied to the runway. Don’s head was glued to the window. From behind I could see the deep dimple in the side of his cheek. The pilot’
s announcement that we were ready for take off sent the stewardesses scurrying to their seats.
            Andy kept readjusting Don’s head so he could see out the window. As we started down the runway, Andy held his watch up to check the time, I supposed—no it was to time the take off. I smiled.
            “Look, Don, we’re in the air.”
            “Yeah,” Don nodded. “That side too!”
            Scientifically, Andy noted that we were now flying between two cloud layers. If his older brother, Rob, were sitting here, he would be naming the types of clouds and spouting the average temperature outside and probably calculating the humidity at this altitude. I glanced down the aisle. Rob was buried in a book. His twin, Ron, however, hormones surging was zeroing in on available girls in the right age range.
            I knew I had made the right seat choice as I noticed Cheryl leaning across the aisle, asking questions of her dad. He would probably be asleep soon and wouldn’t even hear her anymore. Her constant line of questions would have driven me crazy.
            My ears popped again. The roar of the jets changed as we reached cruising altitude and leveled off. The no-smoking sign went off.
            Frantically, the smokers around me began to light up. I took one quick breath of fresh air before the cloud of smoke settled in.

            We played musical chairs as the family vied for the one window seat we had gained. Rob took his turn as we neared Orlando. His running commentary on geography and topography kept Andy entertained until landing. 

So does anyone miss the cigarette smoke? Not me!

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