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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Through My Lens - Zoo Fun

As zoo members (visitors, not caged residents) we often spend a couple of morning hours walking through the zoo and then having lunch. It's a good walk. Our zoo is challenging with hills and lots of walking paths. This time through I grabbed my camera just in case we saw something unusual. I promised myself that the next time I photographed these kind of animals it wouldn't be through cage bars. Our safari will be coming up next year!

There's gotta be a salmon in here somewhere.

What!? Nobody smokes a camel anymore.

A kid's eye-view of an elephant's eye.

There's always gotta be one who's different.

Honey, is dinner ready yet?

Maybe Santa won't see me here. Enough with the sled already!

You hop for the visitors. No, you hop! No, you hop! No. . .

Oh dear, I think my deodorant failed me.

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