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Friday, August 01, 2014

Why It Might Be Important To Read The Bible On A Cruise

While still catching up on some of the travel newsletters I've saved to read later, I came across one from the Cruise Critic that has listed some of the secrets to cruising. They're a compilation of some of the remarks and comments on their forum from CC members.

For instance, you can order as many appetizers or desserts as you want at dinner and if you can't choose between two entrees ask for an appetizer size of one. I've mentioned before that you really get a nicer, quieter lunch on the day of embarkation if you go to the grill or one of the smaller venues that are open on ship rather than the huge buffet. And while we don't use it often, room service is free except for late at night--tips are suggested however.

The list goes on with things like preferred bedding, bringing an extra docking station or power strip for your electronic (if allowed), and free seasickness meds from the medical center or main desk although crew members agree that green apples and crackers works best.

The one I found most interesting and will look into from now on however is what people do with those drink cards they purchase and don't finish using. Most ships will offer soda cards, coffee cards, etc., for purchase and often they are more than you can consume in the allotted cruise days. People are leaving the unused cards in the Bible in the stateroom. Who knew? Guess I'll turn off my electronic Bible next time and page through the book the old fashioned way. Who knows what I might find?

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