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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Logging Sea Days

If you opt for a repositioning cruise, one that crosses an ocean to begin its seasonal itineraries in a different part of the world, for example Europe to the Caribbean, you will log several days at sea. The six or seven days at sea are usually filled with lots of activities depending upon the ship and/or the cruise line. The advantage of a repositioning cruise is also a lowered cruise price and often an opportunity to try out a more expensive cruise line at a more comfortable price point or upgrade to a nicer stateroom on your favorite cruise ship.

At sea there are more opportunities to enjoy guest speakers or learn a new dance step, a new language or your way around a computer program. Some programs include art lessons or crafts. Certain ships, like the Queen Mary 2 with its planetarium, have spectacular features. Celebrity's Solstice Class ships have glassblowing demonstrations. Water parks, zip lines, Flo Riders, and golf simulators are popular ways to pass the time as well.

The Cruise Critic Newsletter has listed eight ships that are especially fun for sea days. We've been on several. As a matter of fact, our week aboard the Oasis of the Seas a few years ago has us longing to try it again. The ship is so much fun, who needs ports?

Each new ship that sets sail seems to have at least one outstanding feature that makes it unique and beckons exploration. While ports are fun to explore, don't discount those days at sea. Even if you do nothing more than curl up in a lounge chair and relax with a good book. I have several I can suggest--but you knew that.

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