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Monday, September 15, 2014

My Packing Personality

Usually I don't take quizzes online but when I perused an old newsletter from Independent Traveler, I found a quiz that offered to tell me what my packing personality is. Since I am a few days away from having to pack for a short two week trip (that's short for us), I thought it might be fun so I followed the link and took the quiz.

It turns out I am a Last-Second Lightweight Packer. Here's the result:

You prefer spontaneity over careful planning -- and your packing style is no exception. You're a bit of a fatalist. You feel that if you're going to forget to pack something, then you're going to forget to pack something, and there's not much you can do about it. You like to travel light, thereby avoiding airline baggage fees, pulled arm muscles and exhaustion. You've probably headed out the door with a few things left behind that you wish you had packed, but you never let it ruin your trip.

So, "fatalist" that I am, I will wait for the day before we leave to set out all the clothes and sundries we need to take for this jaunt out West and as usual, lay it all out on the dining room table to check over one last time before putting it all in the suitcase. And if we should forget something? Well this time there'll probably be a Walmart around the corner.

Want to take the Packing Personality Quiz? Just click on the link.

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