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Thursday, September 04, 2014

World Cruise - Madagascar

A couple of weeks ago we saw Island of Lemurs: Madagascar at the IMAX Cinema in Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center. I really don't care for IMAX movies on the huge screens. They tend to give me a headache but I had to see this one and whet my appetite for one of the more unusual places our 2015 World Cruise stops, Madagascar.

The movie shows several different species of lemurs on the island, the only place in the world where they are known to exist. It highlights the work of Dr. Patricia Wright in trying to help these unusual creatures to survive and avoid extinction. She spearheaded a conservation project that led to the establishment of Ranomafana National Park where the lemurs environment is protected.

We make two stops in Madagascar and so far there are only a couple of excursions listed for one of the ports. We are booked to travel by "non-air conditioned transportation" to Nahampoana Reserve where it is said we will see ring-tailed lemurs among other flora and fauna. The movie showed some road conditions that should be interesting but perhaps that was only out in the really back woods. There was one bridge I don't know that I'd want to cross in any vehicle. This is why we like to explore new areas of the world by cruise ship and let the cruise line do the work of setting up the excursions.

Madagascar promises to be one of those unique opportunities we love to partake in. I'm eager to see what else Crystal Cruises comes up with to explore.

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