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Friday, September 05, 2014

There's Always Room For One More Beach

Just when you think you've explored about every beach, you find another list with more to pique your interest. TripAdvisor came out with a list of must-see beaches and we've only been to one of them although we've been in all of the countries mentioned. The beach we visited is Maho Beach (Sunset Beach) on St. Maarten in the Caribbean. It's the beach that's on the end of the airport runway and as you enjoy the sun and water, you can also watch the planes fly in so low you feel you need to duck your head.

But there are lots more to explore according to the list. Two are in the US and look very interesting. In Georgia there's a driftwood beach and in California a beach that has tons of sea glass making up its shoreline. My brother and I as kids used to find "sea glass" at Put-In-Bay, Ohio, near the downtown docks. It was from all the broken bottles from the weekend revelers on the boats in the harbor. The motion of the lake smoothed the sharp edges and give it a frosted look. It was pretty but who knew it would be a fashion statement in jewelry down the road?

There are a couple of hidden beaches mentioned in Mexico and British Virgin Islands, one with lots of penguins in South Africa (maybe that's on the World Cruise agenda?) and one in Bermuda with pink sand. The other interesting beach is in China. It's called Red Beach because of the red seaweed that covers it. It is also a nature preserve and doesn't look like the type of beach for sunbathing and swimming--unique, nevertheless.

Check out the TripAdvisor list of unique beaches and see if there's one that needs to be on your bucket list.

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