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Friday, July 03, 2015

Diving Grand Cayman - The Glo Light

One night Bob took our grandson on a Glo Light dive. This is a special dive that's on a shallow dive spot where ultra violet lights are shone down from the boat and everything takes on a different color. Most of the pictures didn't come out because the Go Pro wouldn't pick up the light right or else Bob needed to have a different lens but there were two that came out nicely.

Spotted eel in the Glo Light.
The boys said the anemones lit up nicely.
And then there were more from the natural sunlight the next day. Are you tired of dive pictures yet? I hoe not.

Lobster. . .dinner?

These little shrimp are hard to spot but so pretty.

Spotted eel in the sunlight.

One of several turtles.

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