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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lost Passport - More of the Story

Originally I was a little disappointed that our flight to Charlotte that used to leave Grand Cayman at 1:30 was moved to 3:00 but when we discovered that our grandson's passport was missing that morning, I said a little prayer of thanks just before starting in on some serious prayer for what we were going to do to get home.

The lady at US Airways (American Airlines now) told Bob we needed to get a police report and bring it to the airport and meet with the supervisor at the ticket counter to check in. We did as she said and when the concierge called the authorities for us, they said that we could get it from the Boddentown Police Department since going all the way into Georgetown from the East End would not only be quite a trek, there were several large cruise ships in for the day and it would be extremely busy. Boddentown was on the way so we packed up the car, checked out of the hotel, settled our diving bill with Ocean Frontiers and started down the road to Boddentown.

When we arrived at the station, a lady met us with the papers we needed. Thankfully we looked them over because there were two minor mistakes but we surely didn't want anything else to hold us up. They quickly made the changes while the Chief Inspector questioned us a bit about where we thought we might have lost it or possibly had it stolen. Then we were off to the airport several hours early but anxious about getting everything worked out before our flight.

There was a little confusion at the ticket desk but finally the supervisor came and made a call to the Miami immigration office and explained our situation and gave them the passport number that Bob had stored in his phone. While he was on hold he said that if they insisted we get a passport we would have to go to Jamaica as that was the nearest consulate. Miami talked with our grandson a couple of minutes and asked him a few questions and then cleared him to board the plane for the US. I think his being only thirteen helped. If it had been one of our passports, I'm sure there would have been a trip to Jamaica in the offering.

We got lunch and then returned our rental car and went back to the airport. The supervisor walked us through TSA and for some reason there was no immigration check to exit Cayman. We relaxed a bit and then boarded our plane. At least we would be on US soil.

"Should I text my mom now?" our grandson asked with a smile. He was eager to tell the story.

"No," we both answered. There was no reason to have our kids worried when there was nothing for the moment that they could do. We were worrying enough for all of the adults.

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