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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lost Passport!!

Our ten day dive trip in Grand Cayman passed quickly and the morning of our departure arrived. I went to the safe in our bedroom where we had kept our passports and electronics when we weren't using them and pulled out two passports. There should have been three. My heart skipped a beat. I bent down and looked more closely, lifted the bottom lining of the safe, ran my hand all around the inside and tried not to panic.

When I looked at the two in my hand I realized the missing one was our thirteen year old grandson's. Now my heart started pounding. I took a deep breath and walked into the front area of our one bedroom condo where Bob sat with our grandson.

"Bob, there's only two passports in the safe."

"I put three in there," he insisted.

I held up the two and told him which was missing and he was immediately on his feet and heading for the safe. He did the same thing I did with the same results. For an hour, we systematically tore the condo apart looking for the third passport. Bob even looked the rental car over on the outside chance that it would show up there even though he was sure that he had put them all in the safe.

Our next thought was to go to the concierge at the resort. We figured we couldn't possibly be the only ones to lose a passport. Surely they would know what to do. The man sat there and punched telephone number after number trying to find a lost and found at the airport--just in case. When it began to take too long and my nerves were ready to explode, I decided to go back to the condo and do one more search.

I pulled seat cushions off the couch and chairs and dug down. I looked under the area rug. I even peeked under the locked closet door thinking maybe when we took the electronics out of the safe we had drop-kicked the passport there.

As I was getting up off the floor, Bob and our grandson returned and filled me in on what we were going to have to do. While the concierge spun his wheels, Bob used his cell phone to call the airline and they knew exactly what we needed to do. But would it be enough?

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