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Monday, July 06, 2015

From Lettuce Leafs to Sharks - Diving Grand Cayman

Puffer fish. Cute until he's angry.
Here are a few more pictures from our annual dive trip to Grand Cayman's East End. We always dive with Ocean Frontiers and usually stay at the Reef Resort which has now become a Wyndam Resort. We actually listened to two time share pitches this year. The Wyndam earned us $100 which was to go for a Water Jet ride for our grandson but then we discovered he had to be 16 so it was exchanged for food certificates which got us a really nice dinner one night at the restaurant.

The other time share pitch we heard was over at the Morritt's Resort right next to the Reef Resort. We'd never been over there to check it out so it was a good chance to see what the rooms were like. Of course we were shown model rooms but were impressed with the layout of the one and two bedroom condos. That earned us $100 off of our car rental.
Peterman shrimp. Tiny things.

While we did seriously consider the time share, we finally came to the conclusion that at this stage of life, it wouldn't be a sound investment and we didn't want to saddle our kids with an obligation as we discovered they would need to pay on it after inheriting it and it isn't all that easy to get ride of a time share. I know there are people who work with them quite well but the key word is "work." It takes a lot of work to do your exchanging and scheduling and we like the freedom to pick and choose as the wanderlust leads us.

We did discover though that there are a lot of places advertised through Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO.com) that are actually time shares that owners aren't using and for less than we paid through the resort. Will be looking into that for next year.

Nurse shark.
Meanwhile enjoy the pictures. We did see a couple of sharks including this huge nurse shark that was about 10-15 feet below us. We were already at 80 feet and couldn't get too much closer. He was probably about 7 or 8 feet long. Biggest nurse shark we've ever seen.

Arrow crab about the size of my palm.

Lettuce leaf slug.

This guy reminded me of Nemo's friend, Crush.

Stingray. We fed them on a visit to Stingray City.

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