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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Books For The Road - Sackett's Land by Louis L'Amour

Knowing we were going to be in Louis L'Amour territory I decided to download one of his books to read. I wasn't terribly excited about reading it. How good could a book by someone with the name L'Amour be? And I'd outgrown my cowboy western days when Bonanza went off the air. Isn't that all he writes? But I figured I needed to be informed so I started reading.

Well, was I ever surprised! Wow, great writing and the story of Barnabas Sackett that starts his series was amazing and spellbinding. L'Amour starts the saga in England where Sackett is hunted by a nobleman who it turns out wants him dead for more reasons than just an embarrassing encounter with Sackett. It leads to Sackett's sailing, though unwittingly, to America and determining his destiny--to settle in the New World. It is a great beginning to what I guess will be another series (there are 17 books in the series) to add to my reading list. I can't just leave him hanging with his future undetermined.

If you've not tried L'Amour don't let his last name deter you. So far I'd say he's a great read for the road.

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