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Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Windowless Plane?

There has been some talk that in the next ten years or so we will have planes without windows. The rationale is that the fuselage can be made lighter and therefore will consume less fuel and there can be larger seats in the plane. All of that by eliminating the little windows in a plane?

The article on the Huffinton Post website has a video that shows what the alternative view will be. The inside walls of the plane will become a screen upon which the outside world will be displayed. It will be done with cameras on the outside of the plane. The effect is kind of like the roller coasters at our Cedar Point. You will feel like the only solid thing is the seat you are sitting in.

I'm trying to imagine an eight hour flight to Europe with the sensation of floating in air. Just the thought makes me want to reach for the motion sickness meds. And what would the night sky be like? A little frightening perhaps if it's a moonless starless night? But what bothers me even more is that I've been on so many flights that have had problems with their entertainment systems. What would that plane look like if the walls aren't projecting a view?

There is also the mention that perhaps the savings in fuel would be passed on to the customer. Right. And then there's those larger seats. Uh-huh. Larger seats or more seats? I hate to be a skeptic but the airlines' track records are pretty clear and the finish line is always the profit.

Yes, I will admit to a bit of claustrophobia. Even if I'm not sitting in a window seat and even if the shades are all drawn, I still feel comforted by the knowledge that the window is there.

Hopefully there will be a choice of airplane to fly in because I, for one, will not be flying without windows. I don't do roller coasters either. I'm a leisure traveler not a thrill seeker.

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