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Monday, September 28, 2015

Road Trip 2015 - Glasgow/Fort Peck, Montana

It had been a long drive day and when we arrived in Glasgow, Montana, we really wanted to find someplace where we could take a nice leisurely walk. Unfortunately there didn't look like anything nearby our hotel so we opted to make the 20 minute drive south to Ft. Peck where there was a large earth dam, museum, and campground where we could walk around.

Our drive took us over the dam and we stopped at an overlook to see the spillway. It was said that this was at one time the largest earth dam in the world until China built theirs in the Yangtze River. It was amazing and the lake that was formed from damming the Missouri was beautiful.

The nature center/museum was really nice and featured a lot of dinosaur skeletons that were representative of many that were discovered in the area. We quickly moved through as we were more interested in taking a walk and getting some fresh air.

It was a beautiful sunny late afternoon and we found several trails to follow but halfway through one, we decided we'd better take a shortcut and go through the camping area to get back to our car. There were not a lot of campers. It was getting late in the season. Several times we questioned our direction but eventually found our way back to the original trail and made our way to the nature center parking lot and our car.

Glasgow was a small town in the middle of nowhere according to many reviews on Tripadvisor but there were several restaurants mentioned that were worth trying. We searched for the #1 choice but somehow the address we had only matched a building that had an Elks Lodge and a Mexican Restaurant in it. We were getting hungry so we shrugged and said, "How bad could it be?" I must say, we'd never take our Hispanic friends there. I've never tasted such bland Mexican food and the burrito was big enough for two or maybe even three people. When we'd had enough, we left and promised ourselves a better meal the next night.

Okay, if this was Friday of our trip west, Glacier National Park must be up next!

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