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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Road Trip 2015 - Wisconsin Dells

It was exciting to cross over the state line into Wisconsin. Now we were really getting into uncharted territory for us. Unfortunately I was feeling a little motion sickness. Unusual for me. Perhaps I shouldn't have had the sweet blueberry muffin for breakfast. We stopped for coffee but I thought better of it and walked across the McD's parking lot to the gas station's convenient store and got a bottle of ginger ale. It did the trick and I began enjoying the ride a lot more.

I had asked the friends on the Barn Door blog where I post once a month what things we should see on our road trip west and one suggestion was Wisconsin Dells. We weren't sure what to expect so it was a real adventure to arrive in town and explore. Our first stop was the information center where a very friendly lady gave us some suggestions.

"Are you interested in our water parks?" she asked.

"Do we look like water park people?" I countered with a smile and a chuckle.

"Trust me," she said. "You can never be sure. That's why I ask."

She pointed out the area where all the water parks were just in case we changed our minds and then suggested we take a ride on one of the boat tours along the Dells. A dam separates the upper Dells from the lower along the Wisconsin River. A quarter mile river walk takes you along the edge but the best way, she said, to see the Dells was from a boat.

We thanked her and walked around the block to where the tickets were sold for the boat tour. The boats left on the half hour and the whole tour for one section of the Dells took two hours. It was tempting but by the time we waited for the boat to leave and then added the two hours, it would have gotten us to our next destination a little late. We opted to just do the River Walk which was very nice and gave us a feel for the natural beauty of the area.

The town area we walked through reminded us of Niagara Falls especially when we passed a RIpley's. Lots of souvenir shops, exhibits, salt taffy and fudge, and tons of other novelties that a summer fun destination might offer.
There really is a Wally World!

Back in the car, we took a direction that would take us past the water parks that our information lady had pointed out to us. She was right. They were amazing. Mile after mile had one water park after another and bigger and better along with several amusement rides as well. Anyone into water parks really needs to make this a destination.

Onward. Our next destination: Mall of America!

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