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Monday, February 22, 2016

Travel Bags - Clutch, Purse or Satchel?

When the lines are long at the TSA you have lots of time to look around and see what people are traveling with. When I'm going through security and traveling by plane, I put everything in my back pack. No extra over the shoulder stuff or something extra to clutch in my hand that I may set down and forget. But I've noticed that a lot of women are toting huge purses that are more like satchels and passing them through the x-ray machine. I can't help but wonder if they use that purse all the time and if it's been made ready for security clearance.

I had to carry a big diaper bag around when the kids were tiny and I hated it. Maybe that's why today I don't like the huge purses that seem to be so popular and certainly not for traveling. When we are out and about at our destination I rely on my little cross-body purse that I found at a street market in Pisa, Italy. It was advertised as leather and I think it is considering how long I've had it and how it has worn so well. And it was only $10! I can carry basics: a cruise card, a credit card, an ID, a Chapstick, pack of tissue, small Purell and of course my iPhone. If I open the large compartment I can also use it to carry a water bottle easily.

Recently I saw a clutch advertised that was made specifically for a smartphone and with enough extra room for a couple of credit cards and some cash. It was a bit pricey though- $30-40 and the cross body strap was extra.

The point in all this is to say that unless you are packing to go to the beach with towels, sun block, water, books, etc. why would you want to carry a big heavy purse? Leave the satchel at home and downsize. Your shoulders and back will appreciate it.

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