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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mini Cruise Disasters

No, none of them involve the sinking of a ship. Anyone who has traveled has experienced the realization at one time or another that you've forgotten something. It's inconvenient at the least but when you're cruising it gets much more challenging. For instance, the first day of the cruise is usually at sea and there's no guarantee that the ships sundries shop will have what you need especially if it is something unusual, specific to your needs, a prescription.

An article on Cruise Critic, 17 Epic Cruise Fails, brought a chuckle here and there learning about other peoples woes. My own panicked experience on one cruise was that I'd discovered my mistake in not packing a new set of contacts to replace the ones I was wearing in a couple of weeks when they needed to be changed. Luckily the first several days of our cruise was along the East Coast of the USA and I was able to find a place that faxed my eye doctor for my prescription. They offered me a sample pair they had on hand. It wasn't my prescription exactly but it was close enough to get me through without having to resort to using my glasses for the end of the cruise. And they didn't charge me!

My other epic fail was on the first day again of another cruise. Bob brings some adapters for the 220 volt outlet in the stateroom in order to charge electronics. I knew that I needed a special converter for the hair dryer. I just wasn't thinking until I plugged into one of the adapters and turned on my hair dryer/curling iron. It was a lovely blue flash, an ugly smell, and I spent the rest of the cruise using the brush from my dryer and trying to style my hair with the ship's dryer. Ah, the lessons we learn.

Check out that article at Cruise Critic. It'll bring some smiles if not some laughs. Maybe even a been-there-done-that moment.

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